Meet the Team

Say hello to the wonderful co-hosts and contributors who make Reading Women possible.

Photo Credit: Kimberly Murray

Photo Credit: Kimberly Murray

Kendra Winchester

Co-founder & Executive Producer

Kendra is a freelance editor, specializing in nonfiction, and holds an M.A. in English literature. Growing up in southern Ohio gave her a love of rural stories and a desire to see better representation of Appalachia in contemporary literature. When she’s not spending time in the publishing world, she’s taking her Corgi, Dylan, to the dog park or indulging in her cooking obsession. She currently reads and writes from coffee shops in South Carolina.

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Autumn Privett

Co-founder & Strategic Director

Autumn is a senior writer/strategist at a consulting firm and has an M.A. in English literature. Growing up in East Tennessee guaranteed that a love for stories and storytelling would be part of her DNA. When she’s not writing or strategizing, she’s snuggling with her cats, Agnes and Margot, or starting yet another craft project. She currently lives in Atlanta and spends her paycheck at nearby restaurants.

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Photo Credit: Kimberly Murray

Photo Credit: Kimberly Murray


Sachi Argabright


Sachi is a finance professional with a passion for reading. Her Japanese background drives her to learn more about Asian experiences and stories about people of color. When Sachi isn’t in the office, she enjoys traveling, trying new foods, and (of course) reading. Sachi and her husband reside in Northeast Ohio with their Pembroke Welsh corgi, Yuki, who they love to pieces!

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Jaclyn Masters


Jaclyn is an Australian senior construction lawyer and holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) with double majors in History and English literature. Growing up across Newcastle, United Kingdom and then later in Melbourne, Australia gave her a love of diverse stories and a particular desire to see more international readers pick up books by Australian authors. Outside of practicing law and reading, Jaclyn enjoys time spent with her rescue cat, Larry, and finding a new wine to indulge with. She currently lives in Houston, Texas.

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Sumaiyya Naseem


Sumaiyya is a Bookstagrammer and freelance writer and editor who specializes in Middle Eastern and Muslim narratives. In 2018, she left her job at a Saudi magazine and moved to India to pursue a Masters in English Literature. She’s hopeful that her time in India will connect her to her Indian roots and freshen up this facet of her identity—a task she also hopes to take up with the help of literature. When not reading, Sumaiyya writes about her experiences as a female with a Saudi and Indian background and enjoys exploring the culinary and cultural experiences the city has to offer. She lives in Delhi with her precious cat, Gatsby.

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Bezi Yohannes

Bezi is a graduate student at Georgetown University, where she’s finishing her second degree in English Literature. After pursuing her love for fantasy fiction and studying medieval legends, she decided to focus on the ways that black female protagonists in mainstream fantasy intervened in Eurocentric genre tropes. When she’s not reading for her thesis, she’s watching natural hair Youtube tutorials or spending too much money at Target. She currently lives in northern Virginia outside of Washington, D.C., and she aspires to work in publishing in New York.

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Joce of Squibblesreads

Joce is a Booktuber on her channel squibblesreads (on a hiatus, but will be back soon!), and a co-blogger at The Quiet Pond. She is an advocate for diversity and representation in books. Lately, she's been hanging out with her beautiful baby daughter and loving motherhood. Her hobbies include calligraphy, running, weightlifting, and makeup. If she's not at Disneyland, she's probably destroying the patriarchy or taking a nap.

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