Wrap Up: Nonfiction

It's the end of women's history month, and our month focusing on nonfiction, but here at Reading Women we celebrate female voices all year long. These are a few titles we've added to our TBRs this month. We can't wait to read all of these books about amazing women!

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Reading Women Newsletter: Interview with Emily McDowell

We bring you this special issue of the Reading Women newsletter! Today we have an interview with Emily McDowell, the founder of the Emily McDowell studio. Recently she wrote There Is No Good Card for This (HarperOne) with Dr. Kelsey Crowe. All of us struggle to know what to say when life is unfair and awful to someone we love. This book helps you understand and empathize with others in their times of need.

Emily has kindly given us an exclusive interview where she goes into more detail about writing and illustrating the book. We hope you love Emily, and the book, as much as we do!

Autumn + Kendra

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