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Meet the Co-Hosts

Kendra and Autumn became friends in graduate school after they realized they had a mutual dislike for wedding planning. Several years, two moves, and three fur children later, Kendra and Autumn decided to share their love of women's literature by starting the Reading Women podcast. 

 Photo Credit: Kimberly Murray

Photo Credit: Kimberly Murray

Kendra D. Winchester

Main fun fact about Kendra: she loves books. Growing up in Southern Ohio meant there wasn’t much else to do except read through her public library’s middle reader and YA sections. But what started out as a favorite pastime turned into two college degrees, a BookTube channel, and 2,000+ books added to her Goodreads. When she’s not spending time in the publishing world, she’s probably taking her corgi, Dylan, to the dog park or ranting to her friends about the insanity and paranoia of dog parents these days. She currently reads and writes from coffee shops in Greenville, SC.

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Autumn Privett

Autumn lives in Atlanta with her spouse and two fur children Agnes and Margot. When she is not maxing out her library card, you can find her walking the Beltline, trying new ramen places, and drinking an embarrassing number of vanilla lattes. She holds an English M.A. and spends her days working in marketing. 

If you had to take one book to a desert island, what would it be? 
The Complete Stories of Flannery O'Connor. It would take the rest of my life to fully disect every story. Also, Flannery has a special place in my heart: I got engaged at her childhood home. 

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  Photo Credit: Kimberly Murray

Photo Credit: Kimberly Murray